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29 Aug 15:
Account status info now available in XML format,
please click here
18 Jan 15:
If you experience password problems since the recent downtime,
please click here
04 Dec 13:
Downtime, see information.
24 Jan 13:
Prices now available in JSON format, see instructions.
29 Jun 12:
XML link to system status now available, see instructions.
19 Dec 11:
Log files now available, see instructions.
03 Dec 11:
New easier format XML files now available, see instructions & this.
11 Nov 11:
Feeds for London Daily Fixes now available, see instructions.
13 Oct 11:
Feeds are now in either ounces or grams, see instructions.
12 Oct 11:
Feeds for all the precious metals are now available, see instructions.
9 Oct 11:
FAQ updated. Contact form available.
7 Oct 11:
System development complete, no known issues.

Gold and Silver prices available for download as XML or JSON

Click here to view samples:
XML (Bid) or XML (Bid & Ask)
JSON (Bid) or JSON (Bid & Ask)

Updates every 2 minutes, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium (Ounces or Grams)


Important Note!

We are not resellers of Gold and Silver market data. The Gold and Silver price quotes on our XML or JSON files are freely available on the Internet from other sources in a less convenient format. We simply re-package the data into XML & JSON format to be more convenient for web developers. We have offered this Gold and Silver price data free on this web site for over 10 years, and continue to do so. The "hits" you buy are to help pay for and control the bandwidth required to offer this XML & JSON web service, you are not paying for the Gold and Silver price data. By purchasing "Hits" on this web site you indicate that you accept that the XML & JSON Gold and Silver live price web service we offer is NOT of a quality suitable for traders and is offered without guarantee on a best effort basis. For more details, click here


How it works

It's a pre-pay system. You purchase a block of "hits" on the XML or JSON files. There is no time expiry on these credits, so you can use them whenever you wish. When you run low on hit credits you can simply purchase more to top up and continue using the XML or JSON service. Read the instructions to get a good idea of how it all works.

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How much does it really cost?

Our XML & JSON Gold and Silver files update at 2 minute intervals, so you will never "hit" the files more often than that. Calculate how long the credit will last as follows:

2 minute update = 30 updates per hour
30 x 24 = 720 updates per day
22,250 / 720 = 30.9 days
5 days per week (markets are closed weekends) = 6 weeks

So $25 worth of credit gives you 2 minute updates 24 hours a day for a month (including weekends) or 6 weeks if you stop over weekends. The table below gives an idea for different time intervals if you stop downloading on weekends.

Update interval How long 22,250 credits ($25) lasts
2 minutes 31 days (6 weeks)
4 minutes 62 days (3 months)
5 minutes 77 days (4 months)
10 minutes 155 days (8 months)
15 minutes 232 days (12 months)
30 minutes 464 days (23 months)
60 minutes 927 days (46 months)
Daily 22,250 days (+60 years)

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Useful hints

Don't hit the XML or JSON file more frequently than every 2 minutes because our Gold and Silver price pages only update at 2 minute intervals.

If you have multiple users who need to access the Gold and Silver prices randomly, save the XML or JSON page on your site/server and direct the users there so they don't use up the credits.

The markets are closed on the weekend, so the Gold and Silver prices don't change. If you stop downloading the Gold and Silver XML or JSON prices on weekends your credit lasts much longer.

If you only use the Gold and Silver prices for your business during business hours, stop the downloads at night.

To convert (exactly) from Troy Ounce to Grams, multiply by 31.1034768

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What guarantee do you give?
Absolutely none. We have no service guarantee, we offer the Gold and Silver prices on a "best effort" basis as we have always done, we cannot guarantee greater reliability than we have offered in the past. We rely on various sources for prices, and the various network providers and ISP's in the network chain. Things do go wrong sometimes and we lose the XML or JSON feed for a while. Please make allowance for that possibility when you set up your service.

What spot prices do you offer in XML or JSON?
Metals (per gram or ounce)
Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Currency conversions

Will the same credit work for all the different metals and XML or JSON prices?

I've subscribed, how do I use the XML or JSON service?
You will automatically receive an e-mail with your password at your Paypal e-mail address within a few minutes. If you haven't received it, please check your spam or junk folders. You can see the full instructions here.

If you need more help, you may wish to visit the developers forum.

Will you warn me when I run low on credit?
Yes, see the instructions, (action=status) to learn how to modify your settings.

I just bought more credit to top up but it is not added to my subscription...
Please check your Paypal email address. If you paid with a different address than before, you will receive a new password for the new credit. Top up only works if you pay from the same Paypal account email.

How can I give a lot of users the Gold and Silver prices without using all my credit?
Download the XML or JSON price file to your server (using a scheduled task or cron job) at the interval you require, and save the file. Then all your users, phone app etc. can access the XML or JSON price file from your server, not ours, and it costs you no credit.

Why do I get a browser security warning on your site?
We use a free SSL certificate from If your browser is giving you an SSL warning, please read this.

Why are the prices on my XML or JSON feed staying the same (...for 2 days)?
The markets are closed on weekends and public holidays, the Gold and Silver price will stay the same till the market opens again and the XML & JSON files will not update. The best way to check the start and stop times is to check on the web. The top few results on this Google search will probably give you all the info you need.

If the Gold and Silver prices are not updating and the information indicates that they should be, we may have a problem, or there may be a problem your side. Check the "System status" message on the home page. If it shows the XML & JSON prices are not updating, be assured we are aware of the problem and are working on rectifying it.

What times are the markets closed so I can stop downloading the Gold or Silver prices?
The markets are closed on weekends and public holidays, the Gold and Silver price will stay the same till the market opens again and the XML & JSON files will not update. The best way to check the start and stop times is to check on the web. The top few results on this Google search will probably give you all the info you need.

What time is reported on the XML or JSON price files?
The time on the price XML & JSON files is the (New York) time for each update.

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