About the XML & JSON gold price REST API

DGCSC.org has been offering free access to XML & JSON formatted files of frequently updated Gold and Silver prices for about 20 years. The site was originally launched in November 2001 as can be seen from the domain registration records and you can also see a web archive cache of a page from December 2002.

Important Note

We are not resellers of Gold and Silver market data. The Gold and Silver price quotes on our XML or JSON files are freely available on the Internet from other sources in a less convenient format. We simply re-package the data into XML & JSON format to be more convenient for web developers. We have offered this Gold and Silver price data free on this web site for over 20 years, and continue to do so. The "hits" you buy are to help pay for and control the bandwidth required to offer this XML & JSON web service, you are not paying for the Gold and Silver price data. By purchasing "Hits" on this web site you indicate that you accept that the XML & JSON Gold and Silver live price web service we offer is NOT of a quality suitable for traders and is offered without guarantee on a best effort basis.

How it works

Gold and Silver prices are freely available on the Internet in various formats, graphs, tables, tickers etc. These are fine for people to watch, but are difficult for web developers to use on their own web site. Our robots do the hard work, and collect Gold and Silver data from various sources on the internet, then filter and clean the data and package it in easy XML & JSON format for web developers to use. For 20 years we have offered this Gold and Silver price data free of charge, and continue to do so. After all, we get the data for free, so there is no reason we should charge you for it.

How accurate is the data?

The Gold and Silver price data we provide is surprisingly accurate although obviously we offer no guarantee. Remember "live market prices" are not static, they are time sensitive. The Gold and Silver markets can be extremely volatile, meaning prices can change very rapidly over a short period of time. For example, the gold price may spike up 5 dollars, then return to where it was in a matter of seconds. Obviously, with a XML & JSON web service price feed like ours which updates every 2 minutes, that move could be missed completely. Likewise, our Gold and Silver XML or JSON price may show the very top of the spike. What you are seeing with our Gold and Silver price feed is a "snapshot" of the price at an instant in time. You may find this price is not identical to the various other snapshots of Gold and Silver prices on other web sites due to timing discrepancies. This does not necessarily mean one or the other price is inaccurate or that our XML or JSON feed is wrong.

Why must I pay if the data is free?

In 2011 the huge expansion of the smart phone market changed the way people interact with the web and thousands of smart phone "price widget" apps became popular. Many "smart phone" developers started using our live Gold and Silver web service price feed to update their widgets. But they didn't play fair, and instead of designing their app to collect the XML or JSON prices from their own server, they sent hundreds of thousands of phones to our site to fetch the Gold and Silver prices, some of them hitting our site to download an XML or JSON service every 5 seconds, even though our Gold and Silver price web service updates at approximately 2 minute intervals.

Suddenly we were getting bandwidth bills in the thousands of dollars, and our server was faltering from the load. We contacted the phone developers, but they were unwilling to change their design to use their own bandwidth. We had no choice but to introduce a nominal system that would control bandwidth usage.

Why hits?

Using a pre pay system for hits on the web service files is the fairest and easiest way to control bandwidth usage. When you buy hit credits, each hit pays for the bandwidth to download one XML or JSON file from our server. This means that it is fair for everyone who wishes to use the Gold and Silver price service. If you wish to download the XML or JSON files every 2 minutes, you will use more hit credits than someone who only downloads a file every 10 minutes. Also this way, phone developers can still use the Gold and Silver price data at a very reasonable price, they simply need to download the XML or JSON file every 2 minutes to their server and have all phones connect to their server for updates.